A More Distinctive Website

Gwendolyn was worried that her existing website was outdated, and putting off potential clients.  She wanted a newly designed website that she could be proud of sharing, and that communicated the main benefits of her services more effectively.

I met with Gwendolyn and her team, to understand the unique selling proposition of her services.  On that basis, I helped draft the content and messaging of the website, to communicate this more clearly.

Then I built a new WordPress website with a modern career consulting design.  I also trained Gwendolyn and her team to edit the website according to their needs.

I provide ongoing website maintenance and support, to keep the site up to date, to troubleshoot any issues and to make any changes needed.


Website Before

IntegralCareer - Old Website Design

Website After

IntegralCareer - New Website Design



I cannot thank you enough, for all of your contributions: for really understanding what we do,  all of your technical skills,  being a very stimulating and highly effective partner in this project, and for just being a pleasure to work with!

Gwendolyn Parkin – Owner, IntegralCareer