A Systematic Marketing Campaign

Anthony, the CEO of ELATT (a training charity in East London), needed to get more students to sign up to his training courses.  He was fed up of expensive marketing tools that didn’t deliver value for money.

I provided initial consulting to understand his goals, and the resources his organisation could drawn on.  I also did a full review of the effectively of his existing marketing campaigns.

Based on these, I produced a marketing plan to reach ELATT’s goals faster and cheaper.  My basic strategy involves running small tests, and analysing the results carefully, then repeating these tests with different audiences, messages and channels until we find a winning avenue for that particular campaign goal.

I then introduced Anthony to a small team of individual freelancers with expertise in analytics, SEO, PPC and social media, who implemented the various parts to the strategy, and provided a monthly report on their successes.



I was looking to increase our digital footprint and marketing online. Looking around at a number of agencies I felt they were very expensive – we’re a non-profit charity so we’re really looking for a cost effective and flexible solution.

The key things we were looking for in our service provider were flexibility (so that the amount of work required could rise or fall depending on our business need), and the human touch (becaucse it makes such a different that you actually know the freelancer you’re working with – you get a much better relationship and result).

Iman provided consulting and support, and introduced us to a range of freelancers – I find them very good quality, very reliable and have very very good customer service, so they’re there when you need them. I’m extremely happy with the results.

Anthony Harmer, CEO, ELATT